ENTEROSYS strategy overview.

The main objectives of the company are to identify the mode of action of hit-molecules with validated proof of concept towards clinic using in-house state of the art animal models and in vivo/in vitro bioassays on the innovative therapeutic paradigm of the gut-brain

Enterosys develops a portfolio of proprietary candidates targeting type 2 diabetes and its co-morbidities as well as gastrointestinal diseases. The company optimizes such candidates chance of success to reach market (safety and efficacy) with specific formulation based on micro-spheres (personalized medicine).

Enterosys business model is the in-house development of bioactive molecule up to phase 1 or 2a and licensing-out bioactive molecules to R&D industrial partners.

The company focuses its R&D on type 2 diabetes and aim to extend its activities to other metabolism pathologies.