Enterosys objectives

Metabolic disease type 2 diabetes/obesity and corresponding co-morbidities is nowadays becoming an unaffordable worldwide burden. Enterosys provides a novel therapeutic approach.

Validate candidates towards proof of concept

using in house state of the art animal models and in vivo/in vitro bioassays on the innovative therapeutic paradigm of the gut brain

License candidates

to focus on drug discovery on development early stages

Develop a portfolio of candidates

targeting type 2 diabetes and its co-morbidities as well as gastrointestinal diseases

Optimize such candidates chance of success to reach market

(safety and efficacy) with specific formulation based on micro-spheres (personalized medicine)

Enterosys key resources & assets

ENTEROSYS offers a savy assemblage of know-how, IP and network. It promises innovation, capitalisation and development.

Know how

With international key opinion leaders in metabolic and gastrointestinal disease and business professionals with over a decade of successful experience in biotech companies ENTEROSYS has several strong pillars to rely on.

Intellectual property

ENTEROSYS is currently finishing its first application patent. ENTEROSYS is preparing for phase II clinical trial in partnership


As ENTEROSYS is promising but still emerging, networking is part of our DNA : experienced CRO, experts scientists in the field, key opinion leader, most of the European and American pharmaceutical laboratories working on metabolism.

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