About Enterosys

Enterosys is a biotech company offering a disruptive concept and a novel approach to treat type-2 diabetes and its co-morbidities.
Pr. C. Knauf has demonstrated how mechano-sensors activate gut-brain axis and control the host physiology.

Researchers founders of ENTEROSYS have been deciphering, over the last two decades, molecular mechanisms of an essential function of the glycemic control which is the enteric nerveous system. The latter regulates notably the secretion of pancreatic hormones i.e. insulin and glucagon the two cornerstones of the glycemic control. The enteric brain controls as well food intake, energy expenditure, behavior and gastric motility.

Research are based on a new approach to analyse mechanism of actions, thus giving new insights on unexpected candidates: endogene peptides administered per os.

The Enterosys Team

Scientist founders of Enterosys are international experts of the gut-brain axis
CEO and co-founder, executive MBA and engineer


He had expertise in compound development, strategy, finance, business development, entrepreneurship. He began his career at a French academic institute: INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) where he was responsible for transgenic mice generation, molecular biology experiments and facilities management. Starting in 2002, he worked at Sanofi for a total of twelve years. At Sanofi, he worked in several different departments as team leader, international project manager, and pharmacologist scientist.
In 2014, he founded Vibiosphen, a biotech company specialized in nosocomial infection. He is responsible for administrative organization and team management, in addition to the financial planning of the project and the guiding of our therapeutic through the relevant regulatory channels to reach the market.


Pr. Claude Knauf is professor at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (France) and researcher at the INSERM Laboratory (INSERM U1220) in the Digestive Health Research Institute. He is the co-director with Pr. Patrice D. Cani of the European Associated Laboratory: “NeuroMicrobiota” (INSERM, Toulouse, France/Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Brussels, Belgium). The “NeuroMicrobiota” team has an internationally recognition in the field of metabolic diseases, and more particularly the importance of microbiota and gut-brain axis in the control of glycemia. This team has discovered the impact of gut bioactive peptides on nitrergic signalling in the enteric nervous system to control glycemia.

Pr. Knauf is co-author of > 60 scientific research publications, reviews and book chapters (h-index 28; citations > 6100; Sept 2017) and co-inventor of patents. He is member of the French Society of Nutrition (SFN) and of the French Society of Diabetes (SFD), and is recipient of several grants (Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM), SFN, SFD). Pr. Knauf is also director of the Master “Digestive Health and Nutrition” at the University Paul Sabatier.



Research director at the Institute for cardiometabolic research of « Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale : INSERM » at Toulouse. Pr R. Burcelin has been involved in the identification of the molecular mechanisms responsible for the development of metabolic diseases. He pioneered the discovery of the molecular molecular mechanisms of enteric glucose sensing, notably the role of GLP1 and Glucose transporters, leading to the control of the gut brain axis and of the corresponding physiological functions involved in the glycemic control.

More recently he focused his attention on the identification of intestinal risk factors of metabolic and cardiovascular function. He proposed the first molecular mechanisms i.e. the lipopolysaccharides through which the gut microbiota controls metabolism. Altogether, expert in the field of metabolic disease and precisely in the control of metabolic and cardiovascular function by intestinal factors. His contribution as a consultant of ENTEROSYS is considered as a major asset for the scientific development of the company.



Professor Patrice D. Cani is senior researcher from FRS-FNRS, group leader at the Louvain Drug Research Institute, Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium. Co-director with Prof. Knauf of the European Associated Laboratory: “NeuroMicrobiota” (INSERM, Toulouse, France/UCL).

Dr. Cani is recipient of prestigious grants: WELBIO investigator, ERC Starting Grant 2013 (ENIGMO), PoC ERC grant 2016, the prize “Baillet Latour Grant for Medical Research 2015” and the International Prize of Physiology Lucien Dautrebande (2016). He is recipient of the Chaire Bauchau 2016 and Chaire Francqui 2017. He is member of several international associations; of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium, of the Alumni College from the Royal Belgian Academy of Sciences and founding member of the Belgian Nutrition Society.

His motto is : “In Gut We Trust”. He is author/co-author of > 200 scientific research publications, reviews and book chapters, (h-index: 63; citations >16400; Sept 2017), he is co-inventor of 6 patents and also co-founder, CSO and director of A-Mansia Biotech SA.